Sewer Systems

Waste water, or sewage, is the spent water of a home, business or population. In many rural areas, the sewage is treated by means of a septic tank followed by a network of piping, gravel and soil known as an on-site sewage system. The Environmental Health Division is responsible for evaluating proposed building sites and issuing construction permits for sewage systems.

The Environmental Health Division plays a vital role in the planning of building sites. No municipality, township or other governing body shall issue a building permit for a premises requiring a sewage system before obtaining permission from the Health Officer.

The following program areas related to sewage systems are administered by the Environmental Health Division:


If you have any specific questions regarding these services, or have an environmental health concern, please contact your nearest office location. Immediate concerns should be directed to (906) 482-7382, Monday thru Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm (EST). Information on fees for environmental health services can be found in the Environmental Health Fee Schedule.