Local Communicable Disease Reports

Local and State public health officials monitor cases of communicable disease in a statewide database, with mandatory reports from physicians, hospitals and labs for over 80 different conditions.

Below are selected counts from recent years across the Western UP jurisdiction:


Disease or Disease Group

 (5-County Totals)

2015 2016 2017
 Food-borne Illnesses 25 36 51
 Animal Bites  28 81 74
 Tuberculosis 0 2 1
 Vector Borne/Lyme Disease 13 16 9
 Pertussis 4 0 0
 Hepatitis C (Acute & Chronic) 60 36 27
 Chlamydia  106 113 121
 Gonorrhea 12 9 10

Health care providers seeking information about communicable disease reporting in Michigan can click below to download the latest ‘Brick Book’ for guidelines.

Health Care Professional’s Guide to Disease Reporting in Michigan

To learn more about the Communicable Disease Division of the Michigan Department of Community Health, please visit:

Communicable Disease Information and Resources