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The Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP), one of the nation’s largest volunteer efforts, invites adults age 55 and over to utilize their skills, talents, and life experience to make a difference in their community, through direct service and collaboration with established non-profit, government, and public organizations.

Since 1971, RSVP has evolved from a creative idea to a reality of more than 750 programs nationwide. Michigan is home to 23 RSVP projects, with 4 programs located in the Upper Peninsula.

RSVP Volunteers come from every walk of life, with every type of interest imaginable. But all share a common thread…the desire to keep active, have fun, and to make a difference close to home.

Participating in special projects or committing time on a weekly basis, RSVP Volunteers contribute when and where their interests lie.

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Benefits of RSVP Membership

RSVP Volunteers are eligible for numerous benefits through program membership, including:

  • Group activites and opportunities to meet new people
  • Accident & liability, and excess auto insurance while ‘on the job’
  • Recognition activites
  • Opportunities for limited mileage and meal reimbursement
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Affiliation with a nationwide group of more than 450,000 RSVP Volunteers


The Many Faces of RSVP Volunteers

RSVP Volunteers assume many roles throughout the communities in which they work and live. Below are a few of the many activities that RSVP Volunteers are involved with locally:

  • Tutoring & Mentoring Activities
  • Supporting the operations of thrift shops
  • Planning safety programs for seniors
  • Assisting in health care settings
  • Preserving & sharing our local history
  • Medical Transportation
  • Reading to kids
  • Creating warm items for local children and families
  • Environmental Projects

RSVP also sponsors signature projects. Signature projects are those that were developed and implemented by RSVP to address an unmet need in the community. Signature projects include:
AARP Tax Aide
AARP Foundation Tax-Aide is the nation’s largest volunteer-run tax preparation and assistance service. The program is a partnership between AARP, the IRS, and the volunteers/sites that offer services. Tax Aide volunteers complete annual training and certification tests. RSVP began offering Tax Aide services in 2006. To date, local Volunteers have completed more than 2,200 tax returns for low- to moderate-income individuals and families.

RSVP Volunteer Stations

A volunteer station is a non-profit, government, or public organization, which seeks the assistance of RSVP Volunteers to meet their mission and meet community needs. Below is a listing of organizations that RSVP Volunteers work with on a regular basis.

  • Baraga County TRIAD
  • Baraga County Historical Museum
  • Bethany Lutheran Church
  • Calumet Theatre
  • Copper Country Community Arts Center
  • UP Kids
  • Houghton County Historical Society
  • Keweenaw County Historical Society
  • Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly
  • Mission United Lutheran Church
  • Ojibwa Senior Citizens Center
  • Public Schools of Calumet, Laurium & Keweenaw
  • RSVP Craft Brigade
  • St. Vincent DePaul of L’Anse
  • TRIAD of Houghton & Keweenaw Counties


What is the required time commitment for an RSVP Volunteer?

There is no required time commitment for RSVP Volunteers. As an RSVP Volunteer, you provide the level of time commitment that you are comfortable with. Some volunteers assist only with special projects, while others commit nearly 40 hours per week.


What if I’m already volunteering in the community?

People who are already volunteering in the community are welcome to join RSVP.  By joining RSVP, volunteers become eligible for all volunteer benefits including insurance coverage and opportunities for limited mileage & meal reimbursement.


How do I enroll in RSVP?

The enrollment process for joining RSVP is easy. Simply contact the RSVP office at 482-7382 and we will send you an enrollment packet, which contains a volunteer enrollment form and a skill inventory or click here to download the volunteer enrollment form.