About Environmental Health

The Environmental Health Division of Western UP Health Department is responsible for the promotion of environmental health and disease reduction through a system of inspection programs, consultation, planning, educational outreach projects and, as a last resort, enforcement action. Should you have any questions regarding services, or have an environmental health concern, please contact your nearest office location. Immediate concerns should be directed to (906) 482-7382, Monday thru Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm (EST).


A number of services provided by the Environmental Health Division, including well and septic permits, require submission of an application before inspections can be completed. Many required applications are available in PDF format to be downloaded. Please click to be directed to the downloadable forms section of our site.


The Environmental Health Division operates on a budget generated by service fees, state contracts and local contributions. Many of the inspection and licensing programs sponsored by the health department are accompanied by a fee. For additional information about fees, please visit:

EH Fee Schedule updated 3/4/2020