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Effective February 1, 2024

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Additional Food Program Notes:

Low-Risk Food Menu: No cooking of vegetables, pasta, raw meat, fish, eggs or poultry. No cutting of raw fruit or vegetables. Only heating commercially packaged foods. Examples of low-risk foods include: Pre-cooked hot dogs and brats, snow cones, cotton candy, popcorn, ice cream, nachos with cheese sauce, and commercially packaged pizza.

Medium and High Risk Menu: Cooking meat, fish, eggs, poultry, vegetables, pasta. Cutting raw fruit or vegetables.Examples of medium and high risk foods include: Sub sandwiches, salad luncheon, hamburgers, spaghetti dinner, chicken BBQ, soup or chili, fish boil.

Food Service Establishment Plan Review: Plan review by the Health Department is required by the Michigan Food Code for the new construction or remodeling of all new or existing food establishments. Plan review fees cover plan review, one consultation site visit, and one pre-opening inspection. Any additional work (i.e. altered plan review, addendum review, additional on-site consultation or visit, or additional pre-opening inspections) that may be requested or required will be charged at the rate of $85 per hour.

Food Service Establishment License Renewal: Renewal license applications are due on April 30th of each year. There will be a $125 late filing fee for applications received after April 30th. Applicants will be notified by certified mail if their applications were received after the deadline. Follow-up inspection fees accumulated during the year will be added to the annual license fee. All license and follow-up fees must be paid by April 30th.