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Business owner putting an Opening Soon sign in a window

A fixed establishment is a facility that is a permanent location. This is an operation where food or drink is prepared for direct consumption through service on the premises or elsewhere, and any other eating or drinking establishment or operation where food is served or provided for the public.

If you’re planning to open a new restaurant or remodeling an existing location, you must go through a food establishment plan review process. The Plan Review process consists of the submission of detailed, scaled drawings of the entire building as well as integral systems such as electrical, plumbing and mechanical. Specification sheets for all proposed equipment and a proposed menu must also be submitted as part of the Plan Review process. Plan approval must be obtained before any construction to remodeling takes place.

The following resources provide guidance for new and existing food establishments:

WUPHD Food Program Fee Schedule

Fixed Food Establishment Plan Review Submission Instructions

Fixed Establishment Plan Review Application

Fixed Food Establishment Plan Review Worksheet

Fixed Establishment Plan Review Manual

Customizable Standard Operating Procedures

MDARD Plan Review Calculator

Change of Ownership Procedures

Food License Application

Setting Up a Food Establishment in Michigan

MDARD Plan Review