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Mobile Food Establishment: The Michigan Food Law of 2000, as amended, defines a mobile food establishment as a food establishment operating from a vehicle or watercraft that returns to a licensed commissary for servicing and maintenance at least once every 24 hours.

Mobile Food Establishment Commissary

A mobile food establishment commissary is defined as an operation that is capable of servicing a mobile food establishment. The commissary must be specifically licensed as a “Mobile Food Establishment Commissary”.

A licensed mobile food establishment commissary shall provide:

  1. All food and beverages served from the mobile unit.
  2. Adequate space for proper storage of food, utensils, equipment, linens and single service articles.
  3. The ability to safely handle the volume of food and food preparation activities.
  4. Sufficient equipment/utensil washing, rinsing, sanitization and drying capacities.
  5. Approved and adequate facilities for the collection of solid waste.
  6. A servicing area with overhead protection (Food Code 6-202.18).

Requirements to Open a Mobile Food Establishment

  • A mobile food establishment must submit a plan review packet, including a plan review application, fee, menu, standard operating procedures, drawing/layout of cart, equipment specification sheets, and any other applicable items listed below.
  • A mobile food establishment must have the equipment and resources to ensure food safety for its menu and operation. Typically, this requires a method to wash hands, gloves, a method to sanitize counters or surfaces, a metal stem thermometer, methods of hot and cold holding of foods, and a method of covering and protecting food from customers and the elements.
  • A mobile food establishment must have the cart’s name and operator’s address on each side of the exterior in letters at least 3 inches high.

Items Required for Mobile Food Establishment Plan Review:

WUPHD Food Program Fee Schedule

Food License Application

Mobile Food Establishment Verification Form

TFU Mobile Plan Review Application

TFU Mobile Plan Review Manual

TFU – Mobile Plan Review Worksheet and Standard Operating Procedures