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Scene of a construction site installing a new mound septic system.

Installer Licensing: Section 5.16 of the “Superior Environmental Health Code” states, “All sewage system installers shall be licensed by the department. No person shall install, alter, or repair a sewage system unless they are a licensed sewage system installer or unless they qualify for the exception in section 5.18.” To become a licensed installer, a contractor must take a written exam. The exam is based on the Superior Environmental Health Code and the Superior Environmental Health Code Technical Manual, contractors should download and print both documents and bring the documents with them to the exam. Contractors should contact their local health department office to schedule a time to take the exam.

Property owners can install their own sewage systems without a license according to Section 5.18 of the code.

Licensed Septic Installers Listing

Sewage System Installer Fees
License Fee (3 years)$120