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Ramsay, MI. (May 05, 2023)- Due to the ongoing E.coli contamination in  the Wakefield wells, which has resulted in a Boil Water Advisory throughout the GRWA system, GRWA has begun shifting to City of Bessemer water to alleviate the boil water advisory. Before the advisory can be lifted, GRWA staff must replace existing water in storage and the distribution system through pumping and hydrant flushing.

The process is complex and requires multiple valves to be exercised in coordination. The transition will be completed in stages. Yesterday, GRWA began this process on the East end of Ironwood Twp with flushing and refilling of Gogebic Range Water Authority storage tanks with the intent to remove the Aspirus Ironwood Hospital from the boil as soon as possible. Today, GRWA will flush through the remainder of Ironwood Township. GRWA will then proceed with flushing and refilling storage tanks east of Bessemer working toward Wakefield. Customers will be notified when the Boil Water Advisory is lifted in specific areas of the greater GRWA system. Flushing will begin today for Ironwood Township.

Municipal water customers affected by the Water Boil Advisory, which excluded the City of Bessemer, may experience temporary low pressure and water discoloration. Customers are advised to conserve water usage while the transition takes place. Each stage will require substantial flushing of the mains, much like seasonal hydrant flushing. Due to numerous variables, we cannot provide an exact timeline for the complete transfer to the City of Bessemer water supply and for the Water Boil Advisory to be lifted. Please continue to boil your water until notified.

The Water Boil Advisory includes municipal water customers of the Gogebic Range Water Authority (Bessemer Township, Ironwood Township, and Wakefield Township) and City of Wakefield.

If you have questions concerning this matter, please contact Mike Bastman, Water Operator, at 906.285.0238.